About donalytics.com

About me:

After a few years in Investment Banking, I finally broke free and joined CompareAsiaGroup, Asia’s leading financial comparison platform. I arrived at the company just before the company completed a $40 mln Series A, and despite no prior experience became the resident analytics guru. Having to serve analytic requests and requirements for 12 countries globally proved to be a quick learning experience and this blog is an opportunity to share my learnings.

About this blog:

This blog is aimed at helping business’ understand their website data to grow. It aims to decipher the world of analytics, and provide a platform for novices’ to understand, action and leverage their website data.
There is alot of information out there, and I want to help companies, particularly those without dedicated analysts understand their data.
Join me on my journey to deliver better analytics, insights and value to businesses. If there are any topics or areas that you are interested in learning about, then get in touch.